Enabling Businesses

The following businesses would benefit from using 802.11ah technology.

Market Enablement

The logistics industry, more than many other industry sectors, has focused on understanding, tracking, and optimizing processes. As an industry, the IoT / connected logistics market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 30% through 2020, with hardware IoT devices representing approximately 30% of this market (TechNavio).

There are a variety of technical advantages that 802.11ah can bring to the logistics market:

Products Enabled by 802.11ah

802.11ah can bring asset tracking for logistics to a new level. Rather than just providing the asset ID number as provided by RFID tags, 802.11ah can enable rich two way communication with the asset. This enables a variety of new asset tracking solutions that can add to the the efficiency and quality of logistic operations.

Below are some products that could be enhanced by using 802.11ah technology:

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