Aegis-IP's mission is to bring an evolutionary IoT wireless protocol to market. The other wireless protocols for the Internet of Things (IoT) can transmit long distances, and by using a phone carrier data service plan, can track assets as they move around the globe.

Over time the market learned of significant technical limitations in these pioneering IoT wireless protocols, namely low bandwidths, one way communication, and low limits on the number of devices at a single location.

Aegis-IP is bringing the 802.11ah wireless protocol to market to resolve these limitations. 802.11ah, also known as "WiFi HaLow", is built on the 802.11 WiFi standard that we use every day. 802.11ah:

We are here to make you successful in the IoT market. We can provide you with a chipset and a software stack to allow you to build an 802.11ah sensor or an 802.11ah access point. Or if you want to build your own chipset, we can provide you with soft IP. We have the technology to enable you to reach your IoT goals.

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